help she was $60 and I rlly don’t want her to die

2021.09.19 06:37 probablyverybored help she was $60 and I rlly don’t want her to die

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2021.09.19 06:37 bah_a Yes, Truly What Speaks for It!

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2021.09.19 06:37 BaBaBrickSheep Always wanted to make a color gradient, can’t wait to add more

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2021.09.19 06:37 creativeaftercoffee [RF] Glass Genasi Monk

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2021.09.19 06:37 Reddit_Weird Advice about girl problems from a gay boy.

So I am 15, almost 16 and today I talked with an old friend who I am pretty close to. I consider myself gay, but I am still closeted. This girl was really the only girl who I thought I could ever be in an actual relationship with. I don’t think it would work with any other girl. Problem is that I just today learned that she is now dating one of the people I used to be friends with but is now someone I don’t like at all. I know it’s my fault for into expecting her to find someone and that I was stupid and naive. I am now just feeling really down and wondering how much longer I can handle being closeted for. I was hoping to get some insight or advice. Thanks so much.
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2021.09.19 06:37 Fighterpilo Synonym or word clusters

If anyone made any list of word clusters can you share it in the comments . My gre exam is going to be in a few days I am good at quant I know will score 170 but verbal is not my cup of tea although Universities I am going to apply don't care about verbal scores but still i don't want to mess up my overall score so if anyone made any word clusters or synonyms share it in the comment section it will be helpful.
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2021.09.19 06:37 SacreligiousBoii Changes in individual placements and biggest player carries in MCC 17

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2021.09.19 06:37 isolated777 I need help

Need help talking about stuff dm me if you can.
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2021.09.19 06:37 kyle_wants_a_monster H:Caps W:Good Handmade

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2021.09.19 06:37 dickyDoushay Digimon tri. OP - Butter-fly (Drum Cover) [my 1st anime drum cover, hope yall like it]

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2021.09.19 06:37 Alive-Jelly The Hobbit, sumerized

The Hobbit, sumerized
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2021.09.19 06:37 niuz-bot 261 de spitale publice şi private din totalul de 763, acreditate de Autoritatea de Management al Calităţii în Sănătate în aproape 5 ani / Fără acreditare, spitalele nu pot avea contract cu CNAS - [Articole]

În cadrul celui de-al doilea ciclu de acreditare, care a început în 2017, au fost evaluate până la finele lunii iulie 2021 261 de spitale,… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.09.19 06:37 Pocketful_of_hops I say I say...HolUp.

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2021.09.19 06:37 yellowgolfball Which charger should I get?

Should I look into getting something other than the basic wall mount?
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2021.09.19 06:37 algebramclain Philadelphia Stars vs New Jersey Generals, 1984. Chuck Fusina.

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2021.09.19 06:37 iiDaBomb Users in r/relationship_advice have an argument over abortion after a child is born into an abusive relationship.

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2021.09.19 06:37 jdgers STUDENT PLAY, FEEDBACK REQUESTED!

I'm a student writer (grade 10) and I am submitting a piece to a short-play competition about Gun Violence. It takes students from grades 6-12. I have this piece that I wrote, and I would love any feedback, edits, and suggestions I can get from you fine people of this subreddit. I'm open to any and all pieces of feedback. I really want to submit something good. Thanks in advance!
To access the script on Google Docs, click here.
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2021.09.19 06:37 ram_samudrala Let's say you won a million dollar lottery - how would you invest it, particularly into LETFs?

Let's say you won a million dollar lottery tomorrow (after taxes). Let's also say your networth/portfolio is four million, so this million represents about 25% of your portfolio prior to addition (and 20% after). The other four million are all invested in non-leveraged funds (let's say S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices). This million would be after tax investments.
I'm curious to obtain thoughts on how people would invest this million. Would you put it all on TQQQ and let it ride? HFEA the full million? Or something else? Would you invest it all at once or DCA? If the latter, how frequently?
This is how I think I'd do it: 25% would be full TQQQ and then the rest to QQQ. I may bring in 25% UPRO and SPY/VOO at the same ratios---not sure if I should bother. Probably DCA 10% over 10 months thought that seems very long. So this'd mean that at the end, 5%-10% of the total portfolio would be in leveraged funds.
A while back, I asked a similar question on ETFs I think about coming into a large chunk of change and someone answered by saying put it all on TQQQ on ride. This is what brought me to this forum and I'm really grateful to whoever gave me that advice. However, I'm still wondering how to invest larger sums of money if one comes into them. If I didn't think the market was overbought, I wouldn't hesitate to put all of it in TQQQ. This isn't the same as $1000/month DCA.
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2021.09.19 06:37 XRaiderV1 fire hd 10-amazon prime video app not releasing space when videos deleted

have I got a GOOD one for you fine reddit folk tonight!
so, I have a 2019 year release amazon fire hd-10 tablet, and obviously I'm running the amazon prime video app(which I like).
I even take advantage of the microsd card(have a 400gb card installed).
most days its a joy to use.
somedays however..not so much.
particularly when deleting movies to make room for new movies, or as in today's case, deleting SD versions of movies(eg battleship, the martian etc) to redownload as HD(I purchased 4k for my fire stick 4k, so took the chance to update the tablet's files).
it literally ate 3gb out of 4gb on my memory card. by that I mean I deleted 4gb worth of movies(battleship and the martian) so I could put higher quality versions on.
so...given prime video app appears to be a VERY sloppy do I address this? I would like the space back, preferably without having to wipe the card, but am prepared to do so should it be required.
where does prime video store its downloaded movie files exactly? I'd prefer a targetted wipe in terms of deleting the download location's content, I can redownload all the movies again pretty easily.
does anyone have any ideas?
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2021.09.19 06:37 desi_londoner Banned from r/cricket 😂

Hey shitposters, yep got banned from the 'angel' sub for suggesting pakis will play the next match emotionally while Kane will be calm, collected and win it for nzl.
No abusive or racial language used.
Any similar experiences?
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2021.09.19 06:37 dirkyboi41 A gallon of glue and a million sheets of sand paper later, it's done! My 1st attempt building a bootleg

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2021.09.19 06:37 devandroid99 Why do inventory lists always seem to use "(number) off" rather than "(number) of"?

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2021.09.19 06:37 taylorb397 Not this time Peach!

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2021.09.19 06:37 6pathpats How to get rebounds with specific players?

Doing the “Kareem Lakers Championship” Spotlight challenge and I need 10 rebounds with one player. I can win I just can’t get the 10 rebounds.
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2021.09.19 06:37 GreatReturning The Mȧd Läds - The Society Maniacs

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